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Roleplaying and Character Creation Platform

Create and sell custom species, unique characters, and join a growing network of roleplay communities

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Create Original Characters

An example of the Character Creator
No photoshop? No problem!

Character Creator

Our Character Creator can be used to quickly and easily create new references for your original characters. Bases are offered by both Wild Realm Staff and fellow onsite artists. There are bases for all kinds of animals and fantasy creatures for you to enjoy.

An example of a custom species
Share your vision with others

Custom Species

Create custom closed or open species and share them to your friends or sell them in our shop. Bases for your closed species can even be offered on the Character Creator for those who have unlocked them! You have total control over who gets use your species.

Custom Realms

A better way to manage your RPG

Managing your aRPG or Forum RPG becoming tedious? Take advantage of our modern realm management tools and growing user base to grow your community.

  • Total control over your realm

    Setting, rules, design, character species & limitations. We impose very little restrictions on the realms that join and will automatically enforce things such as trigger warnings and age restrictions.

  • Mobile-first responsive design

    Many existing forums and tools just don't work well mobile. The Wild Realm offers a cutting-edge user interface that will look pleasing to both desktop and mobile users using modern browsers.

  • Expansive features & management tools

    Realms are geared at making lives easier for roleplayers and come fully loaded with robust features such as galleries, member & character roles, open content pages, in-depth statistics, activity tracking, custom currencies (point systems) and more.

  • Integrated community

    The Wild Realm doubles as a centralized character repository as well as an RPG platform. This means that the site will make finding roleplayers suited for your community easier than ever with a system that rewards active and well-developed characters.

Stay up to date on our development

The Wild Realm is in active development with new updates every week. To join our growing community and get update on our progress, join our official Discord channel.

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